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We are an arts education program for teens and young adults that aims to provide the students with a creative and informed outlet for self-expression through art and media.

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Smarty Arty provides arts and media arts education to youth, while offering a safe outlet to cultivate creativity. It is our belief that self-expression builds confidence. This program encourages artists and creators who are passionate about their craft, to share their gift and expertise with students who are typically underserved when it comes to arts education.

Accomplished creators are invited to inspire young creative minds, paying forward the opportunities once provided to them and further serving the cultural community as a whole.

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My Smarty Arty experience was amazing! I say this because it gave me a lot of opportunities to do different things and learn about so many different areas of media.  Now I’m much more experienced and etc. I would love to do Smarty Arty again in the fall or anytime they have more programs. 

Gabriella Taylor

Age: 14

The atmosphere was very comfortable and warm even when the experience was virtual. It was very exciting to be able to try out new collaborative projects with other people and it was very helpful to interact with mentors and guidance along the way. It also gave me one of my first job experiences and helped prepare and teach me what the working atmosphere is like. I feel proud of the projects I have done and of the roles I had taken up to help contribute to the projects. 

Stella Louie

Age: 15

It was a really impressive experience. Every week something new was brought to the table with more reason for me to keep going. They helped me realize I wanted to be in the business industry and build up a business of my own. 

Arianna Parkes

Age: 17

My Smarty Arty experience was fun and opened my eyes to other creative outlets that I didn’t know I would have an interest in. It helped me work, network, and engage with others. I learned how to edit audio for a podcast which is something I have

never done before. Overall, Smarty Arty made me as a person and an artist opened to many different possibilities.

Nicolette Armijos

Age: 20

Smarty Arty was very fun and an amazing program to be in and I wish I was in it for longer! I loved the friendships I’ve made, the work I’ve submitted, and the lessons that taught me creativity & responsibility. I would 100% recommend this program to anybody. 

never done before. Overall, Smarty Arty made me as a person and an artist opened to many different possibilities.

Gabriela Bonsangue

Age: 18

 I was satisfied with the days and times the program took place. I also liked that they had different projects a week. Everyone was very helpful and understanding, as well as supportive. I like that the program wasn’t stressful but also kept me busy during the summer. 

Christina Wynter

Age: 19

My Smarty Arty experience was fun and gave me something to do during these hard times. Before Smart Arty, I wasn’t doing anything during the summer and I was always bored. During Smarty Arty I had a purpose and I was having fun while learning. After Smarty Arty, I learned to do things and I tried new things. I had an amazing time doing Smarty Arty. I hope to do it again soon.

Scarlett Mejia

Age: 14



Joy Jones is an Integrated Marketing Professional with over 15 years of entertainment, sports and media marketing experience. Having worked in various aspects of the field Joy noticed there was not always equal representation, whether it be in conference rooms, production, the writers’ room, on set or post production. When provided with the opportunities to work with talented BIPOC professionals on projects, she never hesitated to recruit professionals and creators to share their talents and skills with young people. Out of the need to provide access and proudly represent for the many talented creators of color, Smarty Arty was born!

"When she is not working her marketing magic during the week, she can be found each Saturday in Harlem teaching a leadership development youth program which she has done every Saturday since 2001. - A sharp mind and a heart of gold to boot!"


Why I Participate

Key goals I set for myself this summer were to become more comfortable with public speaking and to network with other young professionals like myself. I feel that my goal got achieved as the program progressed. The Smarty Arty program presented me with the opportunity to network and collaborate with girls and boys that share similar interests with me….(read more)


“Giving young people exposure into a career path is incredible!” “I think that a program like this that gives young people exposure to real careers where they can gain an understanding of roles, and expose them to subject matters they may want to study in college, is really beneficial at a young age,” said Stacy Fuller…(read more)


“I liked the creative ideas the students had around the assignment we came up with.” “I thought it was a really fun assignment to do!” “I was excited to see what scenes they would pick, and what ideas they would have and I was not disappointed at all!” says Shannon Davis is a film and television editor. Mrs. Davis taught students… (read more)


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